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Hire G.I. is the fastest growing company in the veteran industry with over a half a decade working with Transition Service Members , Veterans and Military Spouses.

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Jobs Across Many Markets

Regardless of your company’s revenue or headcount, our Corporate Recruiters will expertly fill your most urgent searches across all primary and secondary markets in North America.
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Veteran & Diversity Pipeline Channels

Cyber Security
Cyber security
Project Management
Project managemnet

The Hire G.I. Custom Scorecard

Investing time with Hire G.I. up front will yield quality candidate submissions saving you time.

Asking all the right questions

Qualifying Questions with your guidance, Hire G.I. will generate interview questions used to pre-qualify candidates.

Target military bases

Hire G.I. targets military bases that focuses on your requested skills.


Aligning candidate expectations with your budget prior to initial interviews.

Interview process

Ushering candidates seamlessly through the interview process is a major contributor to successfully landing talent.

Company information

We provide your candidates with details such as founding date, leadership, funding, current headcount, and other basic information.

Employee awareness

Unified messaging designed to compel passive candidates to explore an opportunity with your company.


"I was able to network with A list companies, interview onsite and even receive two job offers. Hire G.I. is the company to help you get hired."

Chris Rokowski
Chris Rokowski
US Marine Corp

"These events are great as I found a lot of work from home employers and met with companies that was OK with hiring Military Spouse. I came, I interview and I conquered. I start my new job next week."

Amanda Johnson
Amanda Johnson
Military Spouse

"The virtual event gave me the opportunity to meet employers and interview vs applying online and hoping for a call. I highly recommend these events."

Derrick Young
US Army
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HIRE G.I. Recruitment Process

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Indentify talents
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Candidate shortlist
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Indormation & defence system
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Communication & Feedback
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Offer stage

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