Who We are?

Our mission is to change the world, one veteran at a time. That mission starts with you. We strive to build a better working world by creating a pipeline of the best talent in the world to the civilian workforce. Military service develops people into the most effective and progressive leaders. Each of our candidates is thoroughly prepared with the right tools, training, and work experience to be positioned in the best role suited for your organization. Our network with the military community and military bases globally enables us to recruit the best professionals like no other company. Our vetted reputation and proven results has provided a strong synergistic human capital ROI for all our clients.

Our Mission

At Hire G.I. we strive to close the gap between employable veterans and employers of the highest caliber. By providing superior services to our veterans and clients, we exemplify our motto  “To Change The World, One Veteran At A Time.

Our Vision

Strive to become the preferred source for employment and human resource services for veterans. Dedicated to serving our customers and the community with the highest levels of service, knowledge, professionalism, honesty and integrity.

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