Feb 14

Why Employers Should Hire Veterans

Now there may be a handful of reasons as to why companies are willing to hire veterans or not. However, we are going to be speaking about why employers should. There are a lot of stigmas regarding service members because of the fear of adaptability on both ends. But a transitioning member learns something new every day and are still trying to adjust to a civilian workplace environment as fast as they can.

First off, veterans are easily trainable. From the moment these service members join, they are in a constant training cycle. No matter the location of their working environment they are expected to adapt and overcome the situation. This means taking charge and bearing responsibility while learning new information and following orders.

A company looking for flexible and capable individuals can find these traits in veterans. This can benefit work environments that cannot necessarily provide extensive training.

Veterans are trained leaders. Many service members start off young. That being the case, junior leaders are very functional and common early on in their career. There are several billets that are constantly fulfilled by these young leads and in turn creates a broad spectrum of experience. At an early age, individuals are responsible for directing training, caring for the well-being of subordinates, and being accountable for high value items. Being surrounded by certain stressful environments can lead to a better hand in stress management and provide itself to be useful when the time to perform under pressure reveals itself.

Vets are also team players. Being responsible for yourself and others is always a priority in the life of a service member. Not just teamwork is enforced, but the guidance and progression of others is always a need that needs to be met. Veterans are not likely to leave this mindset behind once they exit the military.

That being said, they are able to embrace constructive criticism very well amongst peers and leadership. There is never a moment of hesitation when it comes to correction in the military. This can come in handy when needing to address and review good and bad situations in the workplace.

All in all, recruiting a veteran can give you an edge up from hiring an individual with little to no work experience. Progression and self-improvement are highly sought out traits with these individuals. It would be a huge benefit to have a self-propelled employee on board.

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