Green Zone Training

Training programs to support
your Veteran hiring initiatives

What is Green Zone Training?

Military personnel are trained to be precise, hardworking, and dedicated. Too often, employers may miss out on the most effective ways to maximize the unique strengths and skillsets of their Veteran hires. The Hire G.I Green Zone training program provides resources and guidance to your organization’s leaders to better understand and leverage the potential of your military and veteran workforce.

Green Zone Elite provides guidance on how to better serve, understand and maximize the potential of military and veteran hires. This 4-hour interactive e-learning is broken into 4 modules includes:

Module 1: Understanding the Military Branches and Veteran Market
Module 2: Identifying the Right Veteran
Module 3: Overcoming Challenges of Recruiting Veterans
Module 4: Building Rapport, Working With, and Closing Vet Candidates

Certification: Green Zone Elite is valid for the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP.

Key Components of the Green Zone Training

Equipping leaders to support the Military Veteran Workforce

Hiring Initiatives

Desired outcome include meeting recruiting goals and increased retention.

Veteran Perspective

Developed for and with military Veterans to ensure accuracy.

Employer Focused

Aligned with our corporate partners’ business goals and desired outcomes.

Empower Team

Equip leaders to support Veterans to professionally develop and progress.

Education Quality

Training design to reflect DeVry University’s academic expertise.

Assist Supervisors

Ease culture shifts and open lines of communication with Veteran new hires.

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