We are proud to partner with the Department of Defense as an approved SkillBridge industry provider. As the nation’s leading military recruiting firm, we understand the value of veteran talent, especially when veterans can transition to meaningful careers that genuinely leverage the experience and training they earned in Active Duty.

Our Bridge program allows our partners to benefit from gaining early access to the extensive experience and skills Service members provide. Hire G.I will work with you and match your hiring needs to the skills and abilities of Active-Duty candidates.

Determination of Approved Employers

1.Mustprovide eligible Service members with a rate of pay in the civilian workforcethat is commensurate employment skills, knowledge, or abilities to assist themwith job opportunities in the civilian sector.

2.Improvethe Service member’s level of skill and broaden the range of skill by buildingdirectly upon the occupational skills acquired during military service;

3.Improveor provide skills that may not relate to the occupational skills acquiredduring military service, but do relate to the successful performance of acivilian occupation identified by the Service member as his or her goal forcivilian employment upon separation

4.Refineor enhance skills acquired during military service by redirecting skills thatwere acquired initially with a focus on the military mission toward relatedskills that are required to successfully perform occupations in the civilianworkforce.

5.ParticipatingService members are not eligible to receive wages, training stipends, or anyother form of financial compensation for the time that the Service membersspend participating.

6.Mustnot create a conflict of interest for the Service member i.e. workon government contracts

7.Offerreasonable prospects of advancement, especially if it is an entry-levelposition

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