May 23

Veteran Friendly Companies Hiring During COVID-19

Jessica Evans

All across the country, massive layoffs are changing the way we think about our economy. As unemployment numbers continue to plummet, it might feel like there’s no end in sight. Currently, we’re experiencing the highest unemployment rates in decades, leaving many uneasy.

However, there is some light in sight. There are several veteran-friendly companies who are actively seeking full and part time employment vacancies. Take a look at this list to explore some employment opportunities you might not otherwise have considered.

Food service:

Instacart – Practicing social distancing means needing a reliable and safe alternative to visiting the grocery store. Now more than ever, the demand for food delivery services has increased. Instacart is a grocery and delivery service that aims to add over three hundred thousand workers in the coming months, both as packers and delivery drivers. Employees receive lucrative benefits, including sick pay and personal time off. Find out more here.

Kroger – Just like Instacart, Kroger needs to meet the rising demands of our shifting culture. To do that, the grocery giant is expected to hire over ten thousand workers. Applications are simple and can be done online.

PepsiCo – In addition to fantastic health benefits, employees at PepsiCo have access to $100 a day reimbursement for child care and free COVID-19 testing. Applicationstake about fifteen minutes to complete.

Pizza chains (national and local) – Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, and Dominoes are all adding to their workforce in the coming weeks to help keep up with the demand for food delivery. All told, the national pizza chains expect to hire an additional fifty thousand workers.


Amazon – Long known for its friendliness to veterans and the military community, Amazon seeks to hire over one hundred thousand warehouse workers and delivery drivers. New employees can expect hire wages to help offset some of the time pressure demands of working for the retail giant. Apply on the company website.

7-Eleven – As a veteran-friendly franchise, it’s no surprise that 7-Eleven is looking to add more military members to its employee roster. Over the next few weeks, the convenience store chain needs to add in an additional twenty thousand positions to help complete mobile orders and stock store shelves.

CVS Health – Take advantage of a virtual interview and job fair and explore a career at CVS Health. The company is even offering bonuses for select positions, and have openings ranging from clerks to pharmacists.

Walmart, Walgreens, Dollar Tree, and Dollar General are all looking for stock workers and online fulfillment order workers. Wages range based on location and type of job performed. Visit the company websites for more information and detailed applications.

Finally, the VA currently has over forty thousand job vacancies it needs to fill. These agency-wide positions are mainly in the medical field as the VA works to fill the gaps in its current workforce. If your previous MOS fits this description, you’re strongly encouraged to apply.

As the workforce landscape continues to change, so too do the job opportunities available. While it might not be the most premier time to be seeking employment, there are several companies nationwide that are actively looking for employees. Continue to check back with us for updates on this list and for the latest information regarding COVID-19.