Feb 7

Time to Wear a Different Uniform? What to Do When You're Looking for a New Occupation.

If the time of your military career is coming to an end and you are seeking employment opportunities after, you need to have a plan. While the end of that chapter may be closing, be sure to open your next chapter on the right foot.

First, utilize your resources. Reach out to whoever may be in charge of transition coordination. There will always be resources available to you, you just need to find out where. Once you obtain that necessary information, prioritize your goals.

Second, the type of employment, environment, and new beginnings are all your decision to make. Create reasonable expectations so you can execute them down the line. Once that is narrowed down, write an updated resume if you don’t have one already. Be sure to think about how your experience can apply to the world outside of the military.

Updating your resume is a key factor to generating a good first impression. Make sure to include recent and relevant experience. When presenting this information, keep in mind most civilians are not as well versed in military terminology. Translate your point of view the best way you can to avoid confusion.

Third, prepare for the opportunities you expect. Ensure you do your research before reaching out to employers. Practice common interview questions and speak about your interests and previous experiences confidently. Don’t forget to look the part as well. Just because you have left the world of military regulations does not mean you should be unkempt when making a first impression. Remember, dress to impress and be professional!

Lastly, participate in events that focus on employment opportunities. Going to job fairs, workshops, and seminars sharpen your communication skills and are great chances to become introduced to what employers may be looking for. Search for upcoming events close to you, and if it's a virtual event make sure you have a reliable internet source and a working camera set up.

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