Apr 14

Military Transition 101: How to Overcome the Fear of Leaving the Military and Entering Civilian Life

Alyssa Bliss

A survey conducted a few months after soldiers returned from Iraq and Afghanistan revealed that one in eight military personnel were exhibiting symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. To add to this, the process of reintegrating yourself into society after months of service can also be quite daunting. Military life changes you and many find it hard to go back to normal after years of service. If this is something you (or your loved ones) can relate to then we have just the thing for you. Read on for a brief guide on how to transition back into civilian life.

Fear of Leaving Military life is the norm for military personnel. Some may even find military life comforting as it brings a sense of order into their lives. It would then make sense that some people fear going back to their lives before the military. Pew Research found that about half of post-9/11 veterans have found it difficult to readjust back into civilian life. This mainly stems from the feeling that they don't belong, as the military practices have been deeply ingrained in them. One thing that we can recommend doing is to establish a routine when you get back. Routines will ground you and give you some form of stability to help you adjust back into civilian life. Go on walks, make breakfast every morning, do anything that works for you to help you feel normal again. Decide on a routine and stick to it and it should help you reintegrate back into society.