Feb 22

How to Dress to Impress

The first step to professionalism is looking the part. Even though you have left the world of military regulations, you should still present to your future employers that you are well kept. Looking the part is just as important as what you bring to the table.

How do I know what to wear?

If you are attending an event, there is likely to be a dress code advertised. If not, do your research and try to find pictures or posts of previous or similar events. You can even take notes from those who have attended or those who are attending. If you still cannot find any guidelines, wear what you would wear to an interview. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed in these situations.

What style of clothing should I wear?

When being introduced to future employers, you want to stay in the range of business casual to business attire.

What does business casual look like?

Business casual is generally described as a professional but somewhat relaxed style. Clothing items can include slacks, khakis, dress shirts, blouses, open collar, polo shirts, optional ties, seasonal sport coats, dresses or skirts at knee length or below, blazers, knit shirts or sweaters, and loafers or dress shoes that cover most of the foot.

What does business attire look like?

Business attire is a step up from business casual. Examples of these clothing items can include: a two-piece suit, suit jacket and slacks with a shirt and tie, or a sweater and button down. Blouses, blazers, dresses and skirts knee length or lower, closed toe shoes, flats, conservative heels, and loafers.

Aside from your clothes, ensure your personal hygiene is tidied up. This means think about other things employers may notice as you introduce yourself. Make sure your hair is well styled and classy. If you are wearing makeup, keep it natural and professional. Lastly, give yourself a once-over before you step off, and check for any imperfections on you prior to your arrival.

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