Mar 7

How to Begin Your New Education

Wanting to further your education? Don’t worry there are plenty of resources for transitioning service members and soon to be veterans.

If you’re not finished with your time in service yet, be sure to visit your education center. They have plenty of resources available and willing representatives to help. Even if you no longer work on base, you can still find information elsewhere. Don’t worry, we’ll cover that next! We will be going over if you began school, want to begin before your end of service, or are starting as a veteran.

Now, if you still have time in service, there’s a couple of options for you. Members who still want to begin school have to get some things in order first. As you begin, visualize your future plans. Think about where you want to live once you end your service. This is important in case you need to move and transfer your education in the future. Some colleges may not accept all units you have completed because standards are different based on the type of college you go to as well as the location.

Once you have gathered that information, choose the institution(s) you would like to attend. Visit your education center and the school liaison for the college of your choice and they will guide you on how to enroll for classes and utilize your active duty benefits.

If you have begun your education while in service, make sure your transfer or graduation paperwork is squared away. Meaning, if you are moving, make sure your credits sit well with your new school and your application has been sent. If you are graduating, make sure you have filed for graduation and have the units necessary to complete the requirements. Any questions or concerns at this point should be redirected to a school counselor for more accurate information.

Lastly, if you are starting fresh, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to plan. As said above, think about where you are settling down and where you might relocate if need be. Pick out the schools you would like to attend and reach out to a representative. More often than not, there is a veteran education section on the school website to help you get situated. The military has fortunately given service members the benefit of low cost tuition, make sure you utilize it and don’t wait to enroll!

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