Apr 14

Become an Entrepreneur

Alyssa Bliss

Another thing that you'll want to establish when you get back is what you'll do during this phase of your life. And while we've already given you tips on how to boost your chances of getting hired in our article on Success Secrets to Help You Land a Job, we understand that not everyone wants to work for someone else for the rest of their lives. You may want to start something of your own, a business involving your hobbies or something completely new in itself.

Your training won't go to waste as qualities such as discipline and diligence will pay off when starting your own business. Now, where you may run into some trouble is getting your business off the ground. Luckily, there are places that can help while you're just starting out. USA Today details how coworking space WeWork offers free workspace for veterans as a part of their Veterans in Residence program. This initiative was started to help veterans that are looking to start a career as an entrepreneur or a freelancer. Coworking spaces are not just great for people who want to work in an office-like environment, these spaces are also great for meeting others. Industrious' coworking spaces provide workplace solutions for solo entrepreneurs through offering dedicated networking events. Like the Veterans in Residence program, this allows like-minded people to get together and form useful business connections.

This is certainly something that a veteran will need when trying to jump into the world of business, especially if they are starting their own company. If you need inspiration, then veterans like Jocko Willink have been able to use their military experience in corporate situations, which shows how adaptable your skills are. Paying a visit to a networking event could help jumpstart your next career.