Mar 14

5 Tips to Take While Job Hunting During a Pandemic

1. Understand that the process may take longer than expected. In light of the pandemic, prepare yourself for a longer wait time when it comes to interviewing. Multi-step interviews are very common nowadays, so be sure to have reliable technology, a fresh set of business attire, and a clean mask just in case!

2. Set time aside to job search and use online search sites. With that being said, make sure your resume and online profile (like LinkedIn) is updated.

3. Take virtual meetings and appointments seriously. Employers are now taking the extra precaution to begin interviewing over the phone or online. Even though those interviews aren’t in person yet, still prepare for the occasion as if it was.

4. Keep in touch and continue to be flexible. Don’t stop your job search! Even though companies are hiring right now, the virus' situation is ongoing and will continue to fluctuate in the employment industry for an unknown time.

5. Participate in virtual hiring events to become familiar with the new atmosphere and current expectations of the workplace while keeping the pandemic in mind.

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